Where to buy Asters?

All our asters are traded through the Flora Holland flower auction.

  • Florists can contact their regular supplier from the Netherlands.
  • Wholesalers find our Asters on all locations of Flora Holland: Naaldwijk, Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg.
  • Merchants can also contact us directly. Let us know if you have any special requirements. Also direct delivery or delivery on other locations is possible.
  • Asters can also be ordered through Floro Mondo or via clock presale. Our asters are available from mid-April to the end of September.

For questions please call or email to:
Nursery Zijdezicht
Ron van Oosten
Mail: ron@zijdezicht.nl
Tel .: 06-23510501

Kwekerij Zijdezicht
Oostlaan 8a,
2678 NK, De Lier