Kwekerij (Nursery) Zijdezicht specializes in growing asters and chrysanthemums.

On three premises, totalling 71.000 m2, the most modern technology is used to produce top quality flowers with the lowest impact on the environment. CHP (combined heat and power)- machines are used to optimize energy for heat, lighting and CO2. The remaining CO2 required is obtained from OCAP. Ocap supplies - via a pipeline - residual CO2 from companies like Shell ea.

Kwekerij Zijdezicht is a member of MPS (Environmental Project Ornamentals). MPS help us to implement sustainability into our business.


Kwekerij Zijdezicht was founded in 2002 by Ron van Oosten and John Krijger. Both had been growing asters an chrysanthemums for more than ten years. A larger greenhouse area was required for further business development and a healthy future.

In 2002 a new 22.000 m2 greenhouse was built (Oostlaan, De Lier) and together with the existing location (11.000 m2; Laan van Adrichem, De Lier) Ron an John started growing a variety in asters and chrysanthemum.

In 2005 the premises at Laan van Adrichem were replaced by a modern greenhouse (22.000 m2, Groeneweg, 's-Gravensande).

In 2009 an almost new and modern greenhouse was purchased (29.000 m2, Gildeland, De Lier).

Nowadays Kwekerij Zijdezicht joined Zentoo. Zentoo is a quality brand for chrysanthemums, with restricted membership for modern and progressive growers. Zijdezicht's chrysanthemums are marketed under the quality brand Zentoo.

Kwekerij Zijdezicht
Oostlaan 8a,
2678 NK, De Lier